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Zola Comment Related Situation Diego Costa in Chelsea

The Manchester United Defender, Eric Bailly, claims to be proud to be costumed The Red Devils. Ivory Coast-born Player was hoping to retire at Old Trafford.

Bailly brought Manchester United from Villarreal in 2016 summer transfer. A 22-year-old defender was tied to June 2020 with an option for an extension of 24 months.

Status as a player at United Kingdom competition debutantes, Bailly was able to paythe trust of Jose Mourinho. Bailly managed
securing a place in the Manchester United defence line in the applied Mourinho.

Although recently underwent a half-season competition 2016-17, Bailly was determined to be an important part of the journey of the Red Devils in the next few years. He is eager to spend his career as football player of Manchester United.

"I hope to play with Manchester United throughout my career. I had the pleasure ofstaying here, because
the Club is one of the biggest clubs in the world, "said Bailly.

"An honor can undergo action together United, I will try to continue to provide the best for
become a big player in this Club, "continued Bailly.

Zola Comment Related Situation Diego Costa in Chelsea

The current Central Bailly meet the call of the national team of Côte d'Ivoire are working at African Cup 2017. Bailly is estimated to be absent defending Manchester United until 5 February 2017.

Birmingham City Manager, Gianfranco Zola, commenting on the situation experienced by Diego Costa along with Chelsea at the moment. According to legendary players such as Chelsea, a player must always respect the interests of the Club.

The relationship of Diego Costa and Antonio Conte to heat up after the player reportedly got an offer from Tianjin Quanjian. Origin of the China Club reportedly is ready to issue the funds of 30 million pounds ($ 493.12 billion) and provide high salaries to players of origin Spain.

The attitude of Costa who refused to follow the Chelsea training session make Conte took decisive action. Origin of the Italy Manager write off Costa from Chelsea when the squad meets Leicester City on the 21st weekend matches Premier League (14/1/2017).

Without the presence of Costa, Chelsea proved still able to achieve positive results after winning the game by a score of 3-0. Those results make Zola reminded Costa ifthe interests of the clubs should take precedence because Chelsea are not always tied to one player only.

"Chelsea and the Manager have a difficult decision. We were talking about players who are strong and inspiring. I don't know what limitations that must be searched to find a deal, "said Zola.

"However, one thing to keep in mind is always on top of all the players. It depends on what the Manager and the Club want. However, once again I emphasize if clubs are always on top of everything, "said Zola.

Diego Costa appeared impressive along with Chelsea this season. He recorded 14 goals and has managed five assists from 21 matches in all competitions. Ex penggawa Atletico Madrid was tied to a contract until 30 June 2019 together with Chelsea.

Zola Comment Related Situation Diego Costa in Chelsea

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, criticized the performance of The Reds defense lines after subject 2-3 from Swansea City on the 22nd week game of the Premier League at Anfield Stadium, Saturday (21/1/2017).

"In the first half, only we are attacking and they last. We have some momentum to score but we could not afford to do so. After down we had to take over the game quickly. However, we are unable to do so.

"I don't know how Llorente can stand freely in the penalty box to score first. The second goal I can accept that, but we should stop the bait, "said Klopp.

Hodgson left behind two touchdowns after Fernando Llorente he times breaking into the goal, Simon Mignolet. But hope The Reds had risen due to the action of Roberto Firmino who made the position becomes a draw. Kelengahan line of Liverpool back able to maximized the Swansea City managed to ensure victory through goals Gylfi Sigurdsson.

According to the statistics of the Premier League, Liverpool appear dominant in that game because it has possession of 73.5 percent. This is the case when talking about the odds of scoring. Jurgen Klopp's team squads recorded was able to disclose the total of 16 shots, but only five that led to the goal. Meanwhile, Swansea City got three clean chances of the six occasions and they all produce goals.

"All lines almost wrong when the third goal was created. We don't live the game with good luck. However, we obviously didn't play well today. We were on the wrong side, "said Klopp.

These results make Liverpool remained in third place with 45 points from 22 matches. They lagged seven figure from Chelsea who will undergo a new game on Sunday (22/1/2017).

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