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Thibaut Courtois suggestions in order for the Premier League Champion Chelsea

The Chelsea goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, asking his team to continue to focus andachieve a victory and maintain the gap with competitors in order to grab the title ofPremier League 2016-2017.

"Of course when you're on top, you have the pressure to maintain distance. However, we are now winning seven points and there is pressure on a team that is bigger than us, "said Courtois.

"We have to keep the victory and maintain good momentum so that everything goes well. So, we want to maintain the momentum and won the game-game, "said goalkeeper Belgium it.

Chelsea currently collect 52 points from 21 matches. The nearest competitor is Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool were left seven points.

In the next game, Chelsea will entertain Hul City in Stamfod Bridge on Sunday(22/1/2017). Courtois hoped his team could win in order to have the capital in the next game against Liverpool (31/1/2017).

Thibaut Courtois suggestions in order for the Premier League Champion Chelsea

"We will face Hull City at home. So, we have to get three points and then a trip to Anfield with the difference between the same points. Because, everything could happen there, "said Thibaut Courtois.

Manchester United, reportedly the BBC, Wednesday (18/1/2017), became the first Club in the United Kingdom that will have members of the Special preventive action on terror. The post of Chairman the members of the former Police Inspector had managed Greater Manchester.

According to media-media news coverage of United Kingdom, Chairman of the Board that anti-terror will be announced on the day of the match at Old Trafford. Previous candidates first received different training, including expertise on the question ofterrorism, and comb the scene.

In addition, Manchester United also will impose some new regulations related to security around the site of the stadium. Rules that make any vehicles that will go into the parking lot would checked regularly.

This step is identified as an anticipation of Manchester United over various terror action since last few years often menyasar world football, especially after the tragedy of Paris at the end of 2015.

In may 2016, Manchester United's match against Bournemouth in Old Trafford hadpostponed due to the threat of terror bomb. However, after a suspicious object, apparently the comb found security officer in one of the toilets is not an explosive.

In November, the two supporters who was a participant in Old Trafford Stadium Tour had hid in the toilet in order to watch the match between Manchester United against Arsenal. After a successful "stay" overnight action they eventually known to security services.

Thibaut Courtois suggestions in order for the Premier League Champion Chelsea

The Manchester United midfielder, Memphis Depay, rumored to Mirror, Wednesday (18/1/2017), soon to be 48 hours in uniformed Lyon ahead.

Manchester United had previously rejected bid 13 million pounds ($ 213 billion) from Lyon to the Memphis transfer fees Depay. As for the players proceed to Old Trafford from PSV Eindhoven with around 25 million pounds ($ 410 billion) in the summer of 2015.

However, Lyon is rumored to raise the offer so as to make Manchester United agreed the player took off to France. Currently, the two camps reported completing the final stages of transfer process.

Memphis Depay are still bound to the contract at Old Trafford until June 30, 2019. However, the player difficulty penetrating the main squad after Jose Mourinho took over as Manager of Manchester United in the summer of 2016.

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Thibaut Courtois suggestions in order for the Premier League Champion Chelsea

In the summer of 2016-2017, Depay new melakoni Memphis eight games at the various event. In December 2016, Jose Mourinho ever got around to confirm Manchester United are ready to unleash the midfielder the Netherlands if it gets a suitable offer.

Netherlands national team coach, Danny Blind, else had commented about the future of Memphis Depay at Manchester United. According to him, "Memphis tranfser exchanges should go on Jan. He is not within the core squad. So, why did he not go? "

In the period of the exchange of January 2017, transfer to Manchester United was already melego Morgan Schneiderlin to Everton with a transfer fee of 20 million pounds ($ 238 billion).

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