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Juventus Start this season with Defeat

AC Milan lost 0-2 to Fiorentina when visited, Artemio Franchi Stadium, in the first week of the Serie A Sunday or Monday (local time) (24/8/2015) early morning GMT.Marcos Alonso and Josip Ilicic became antagonistic to the Rossoneri I on this match.

For Milan, the defeat of this repeat negative note at the opening of the Serie A in August 2013. At that time, Milan also submit 1-2 at the headquarters of Hellas Verona.

In this match, Fiorentina controlled 60 percent of the game and release seven shotstoward the goal of the 14 experiments. As for Milan, doing six shots and none on target.

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Juventus Start this season with Defeat

In fact, Milan was able to offset games Fiorentina in the first half. However, the expulsion of Ely on 36 minutes changing the map the strengths of both teams. Last name second yellow card Iniesta breaking Nikola Kalinic.

Two minutes after the incident, the host gets a gift free kick resulting from violation of Giancomo Bonaventure. Execution of Marcos Alonso leads to the upper left corner of goalkeeper Diego Lopez. The score remained 1-0 the first half ended.

After a pause, Milan is still not out of pressure. In fact, they should be rewarded a penalty because of violations against Josip Ilicic Romagnoli Alessio. Ilicic forward took the kick and put the ball in the lower right corner.

Milan try to reciprocate. On 72 minutes, Carlos Bacca had opened fire the right footof a narrow angle, but the directions are deviated from the goal. So did the punt kick soaring over the Bonaventure goal three minutes ahead of normal time ended. As a result, there are no goals until the whistle length reads.

With this result, Milan is stuck in the relegation zone. They stand on a par with Empoli who swallow defeat by a score of 0-2 in the first week of the Italian Serie a.

Juventus Start this season with Defeat

Juventus, coach Massimiliano Allegri, commenting after his son appearance relatedasuhnya subdued 0-1 by Udinese in the stadium Juventus, Sunday (23/8/2015). According to Allegri, despite defeat, Juventus have shown a great game.

Throughout the game, Juventus does look more dominate. They also created a number of opportunities. However, the host kecolongan through gol Cyril Match on 78minutes.

"We initiated the match well, but then we were a bit disorganized and hasty. We must improve the quality in the final settlement, "said Allegri told Sky Sport Italy.

"The results that might make Juventus looks as if playing poorly. However, in fact quite the contrary, we do well. Udinese is indeed a troublesome opponent who can afford anyone, "continued the coach, aged 48 years.

In the opening match in Serie-A, Allegri makes a surprising decision by installing Kingsley Coman as the companion Mario Mandzukic in the front-line since the early minutes.

"Coman is a very young player and do some good things. However, that still needs to be fixed from him was a final settlement, "said Allegri.

"Especially in the first half, he made a great movement. However, we should not forget that he also takes time to develop, as well as new players coming in this summer, "said the former speaker of the tactics of Cagliari and AC Milan were.

Juventus failed to achieve victory after was defeated 0-1 by Udinese in the openinggame of his Serie-A in Juventus Stadium, Sunday (23/8/2015).

Although acting as host, the squad hosts Massimiliano Allegri get a lot of resistance.In the first half, La Vecchia Signora recorded dominated the match and created numerous chances.

Juventus Start this season with Defeat

However, Paul Pogba dkk still not can penetrate the Udinese goal guarded by Orestis Karnezis. Score the glass eye ever goes up to down.

Entering the second half, the defending Italian Serie-A constantly working to breakUdinese goal through a number of opportunities created by the Pogba and MarioMandzukic. Stylish appearance, howeverthe end of all chances of success Karnezis.

Too engrossed attacked thus creating host kecolongan. Through the counteroffensive, Udinese managed to unlock excellence through Cyril Thereau played on 78 minutes, after assists from Panagiotis Kone.

Arsenal humiliated in her own cage, Juventus continued to try to capitalize on the time remaining to equalize. However, until the referee blew the whistle length, Udinese continued excellence.

The defeat of Juventus record decided that never lost the opening match of the Serie a match 40-A in their cages, with details of the 33 WINS and seven draws.