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Conte who Decide the future of Trophies in Barcelona

Maurizio Sarri okay to remain positive despite swallow Naples minded defeat 1-2 from Sassuolo, on Sunday (6/8), but the coach also must be responsible to fix the consistency of the game.

The cause, the defeat in the opening match of the Serie A automatically revived bad memories of the six seasons ago in the mind of fanatical supporters.

On August 23, 2009, Napoli initiate season with negative results in the form of a 1-2defeat at Palermo's headquarters. Uniquely, the sole goal of the Gli Azzurri aka TheBlue Sky ever published by Marek Hamsik.

Suppose a situation this season runs six similar to last season, Napoli were to close the competition in sixth ranking standings, aka lower than 2014/15.

This should be able to provide a warning to the brain in order to immediately play Sarri and fix flaws.

"I need to focus your attention to the players and I shouldn't let them repeat the mistakes," said Sarri as reported by Football-Italy.

Conte who Decide the future of Trophies in Barcelona

Melakoni opening match of the new season in the opponent's headquarters seems to be a tradition for Napoli. In the last five seasons, the Club of origin of South coastal region of Italy that have been recorded through the four away matches.

However, Napoli routinely take home points from four matches. Detail is winning three times, namely versus Cesena 3-1 (2011/12), 3-0 Palermo 3 (2012/13), Genoa 2-1 (2014/15), and draw all cons Fiorentina (1-1; 2010/11).

An anomaly is created in this season. Napoli has to be uprooted in Sassuolo with the score 1-2 Sunday (11/8). A quick goal Marek Hamsik when new matches are running three minutes was able to reply to two times by the host through Antonio FloroFlores Spurn (32 ') and Jack Nicola Sansone (83 ').

Minor results Naples at once gives a disappointing first impression make Maurizio Sarri as new coach. 56-year-old man it even received the scorn of the fan due to thepull out Gonzalo Dismisses on 62 minutes.

Based on the report of the La Gazzetta dello Sport, Sarri's decision was a big mistake in the eyes of a fan. The reason, the public witnessing Dismisses has tried hard throughout the first half offensive action in the form of two passing shots and once dribel.

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Conte who Decide the future of Trophies in Barcelona

Proven, Manolo Gabbiadini who plotted replaces Dismisses noted the contribution of the more minimal, i.e. once the shots without ever doing a dribel. The only advantage the successor is releasing two of the three key.

Despite swallow defeat plus booed Sarri fan, keep a positive mind set. Empoli coachex it felt his team had played well, especially when he changed the arrangement of the players in the second half.

"I think the game Napoli progressively towards a better after going down to drink.Alas, we had to concede while in control of the match, "said Sarri as quoted from Sky Sport Italy.

FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio said that coach Antonio Conte that will give a decision as to whether Mario Balotelli deserves back to Italy national team or not.

Talks on the future of Inter in the national forefront after he is rumored to be back playing in Serie A with former club AC Milan. According to reports, the Rossoneri had agreed to borrow players 25 years old from Liverpool and Chelsea-inter live undergo health tests on this week.

"Conte that will break the chain," said Tavecchio to the media in an event in Taormina, Monday (24/8/2015).

"The players know that he (Conte) a lot more attentive to the sacrifice and moral."

Since Conte replaced Cesare Prandelli after the 2014 World Cup as coach of the Azzurri, new Inter get one chance to play. The behavior of these players, both within and outside the field, votes are still very less.

Conte who Decide the future of Trophies in Barcelona

Defender later Juventus, Alex Sandro melakoni, hoping to debut against AS Roma in the Serie A, the second week of the week (30/8/2015). He had a special term for a meeting of the two teams, namely the Clásico.

Alex Sandro Juventus players officially became as of Friday (21/8/2015). Juventus menggelontorkan mahar 26 million euro (about Rp 403 billion) for Brazil-born playersrecruited from FC Porto.

When the subject of Juventus and Udinese at Serie A's first week, week (23/8/2015), Alex Sandro just sitting on the bench. "Unfortunately, we lost yesterday. We actuallyplayed well but made a mistake, "he said.

"To counter match Rome, I realize will last is difficult. This game is real. They alwaysfought hard. However, I'm ready to play against Roma, "continued the player numbered 12.

More than that, Alex Sandro saw similarities between himself with other Juventus left back, Patrice Evra. Both players frequently enter the opponent's area to help attack.

"I'm imitating Roberto Carlos and Patrice Evra. I'll continue to do that, "said Alex Sandro.

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