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Request Special Sir Alex Ferguson To Jose Mourinho

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, claiming to get special requests from the Club's former manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Mourinho told his experience when meeting with Sir Alex before the match againstMiddlesbrough at the weekend Premier League (31/12/2016). At that time, Sir Alexhas encountered an Mou to provide speech 75 anniversary.

On that occasion, Sir Alex told Mourinho, throw a question that is quite unique.

"Sir Alex asked me, whether he can participate in the Manchester United team buswhen we played.

"I then replied if she doesn't need to ask it. He simply come and choose a seat she wants. If necessary, I'm willing to give my seat on the bus to Sir Alex, "said Mourinho.

Since the appointment of Jose Mourinho as Manager of Manchester United, he did try to involve Fergie in the activities conducted by clubs. Several times, Mourinho invited Fergie to lunch at Carrington to meet with former players and staff of Manchester United at the moment.

Request Special Sir Alex Ferguson To Jose Mourinho

Mourinho is aware if the figure at the Club will be Ferguson's hard was replaced. Ferguson who deal with Manchester United for 26 years, has given many titles and became a main character in the transformation happening in the Club.

Mourinho considers if the emergence of Ferguson at Carrington became one of the factors that aroused the fighting spirit of the Club on their way on this season.

Until the 21st weekend Premier League 2016-17, Manchester United was still perched on the sixth position of the standings temporarily with a collection of 40 points, lagging four points from Arsenal, who occupy the last Champions League zone position.

At the weekend, Manchester United away matches will be undergoing to Stoke City (21/1/2017).

Manchester City striker, Sergio Aguero, reportedly felt threatened by the presence of Gabriel Jesus in the Club.

Gabriel Jesus officially was introduced as a Manchester City player on Thursday(19/1/2017). The presence of Jesus threatened the Aguero's status as the main striker for Manchester City.

Tabloids the Daily Mail, Aguero to invite Pep Guardiola to eat dinner together afterJesus officially was introduced as a Manchester City player.

At a meeting held in Deansgate, Manchester restaurants, Aguero accompanied his agent, Salvi Cucina. Aguero rumored invites Barcelona to discuss about its status as the main striker for Manchester City.

Once confirmed, Guardiola explains if there are no serious talks at the dinner.

Request Special Sir Alex Ferguson To Jose Mourinho

"We did not discuss things important at dinner. We are not talking about a contract extension, as Aguero has a long-term contract with Manchester City.

"The meeting is just an ordinary benign event. Aguero has a lot of money to inviteme to dinner, "said Guardiola.

The relationship of Aguero and Real Madrid reportedly began roiling in recent weeks. Although Aguero has already accounted for 18 touchdowns on the season, Real Madrid is still demanding the player to be able to help the defense.

After suffering a major defeat of Everton at the weekend, Manchester City will try torise up when facing Tottenham Hotspur at the end of this week.

Arsenal got a fresh wind development related injuries experienced by four main players, namely Olivier Giroud, Hector Bellerin, Kieran Gibbs and Francis Coquelin. According to the inspection of the medical team Arsenal, the fourth such players can already rejoined the squad while competed against Burnley at the weekend Premier League (22/1/2017).

Arsene Wenger still mess with frequent players injury problems they have experienced. In the last few seasons, injured players being one among several factors that disrupt the consistency of Arsenal to fight for the Premier League title. In the last two months, members of the squad were Arsenal alternates occupies a space treatment. But four among the players has shown positive developments and be ready to play again.

"Since one week, I think Bellerin, Coquelin and Gibbs was able to return to the squad. Supposedly, they could've played in the match against Burnley. But not for TheoWalcott who still have to undergo the treatment, "said Wenger.

Request Special Sir Alex Ferguson To Jose Mourinho

Bellerin having problems on the ankle since 6 January 2017. The injury makes it should rest sealma ten days. Characterises with Coquelin who experience problems with the hamstring since January 3, 2017.

Meanwhile, Gibbs has also got the green light after stated have recovered from a knee injury that he experienced since December 26, 2016. During her recovery process, Gibbs should be absent in five games carried Arsenal.

On the other hand, Wenger stated if the injury experienced by Giroud is not too severe. The France striker got injured at engkel when defending match Arsenal face Swansea City (14/1/2017).

"Giroud has returned following a practice session. I think the problem on the engkelnya was already over and he's ready to perform with the team, "explained Wenger.

Currently, the Arsenal is fourth with 44 points while standings. They are closely linked to eight digits from Chelsea who were at the top.

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