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20 years Training Arsenal, Wenger became increasingly hungry for Victory

Arsene Wenger 20 years served as Manager of Arsenal. France-born man admitted is now becoming more passionate to take The Gunners victory.

Arsene Wenger officially served as the Manager of Arsenal on 1 October 1996. He then requested as a replacement for Rioch Brice. So far, He's been leading the Arsenal live 1129 matches. As a result, The Proffesor grabbed victory, 263 647 times draw, and 219 defeats

Wenger marks two decades of his reign at Arsenal with a victory, securing a 3-0 against Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium, Saturday (24/9/2016). The third goal The Gunners created by Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott, and Mesut Ozil.

"I now feel more hungry in the victory. It is because I know that I'm no longer has a 20-year period. In addition, I also feel more responsible, "said Wenger.

"You can't spend 20 years at a place and don't care about all the things that exist. I am more aware of what is meant by Arsenal, so I guess the load to make everybody happy and make them happy, much heavier than when I came, "she added.

20 years Training Arsenal, Wenger became increasingly hungry for Victory

Arsene Wenger entered the ranks of the 10 oldest coach ever to feature in the Premier League. He is now aged 66 years and 343 days. The position of the oldest Manager Sir Bobby Robson belong to age 71 years and 191 days.

After a 20-year deal with The Gunners, Wenger any open sound associated payments of the players. According to Wenger, the highest-paid player at that time only reached £ 200 thousand per year.

"I think paid an average player at that time (1996) only about £ 200 thousand per year. If I give my best player that year and as to what they are now, you will see the change, "he said.

Arsene Wenger will undergo a seventh game along with Arsenal in the Premier League 2016-2017 with a trip to Burnley, Turf Moor Stadium, Sunday (2/10/2016).

The former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes, masters of Liverpool as Premier League champions this season. What is the reason?

After 3-4 victory against Arsenal in the Premier League opener party 2016-2017 (14/8/2016), Liverpool had suffered a difficult period. The Reds capitulated 0-2 against Burnley (20/8/2016) and a 1-draw against Tottenham Hotspur (27/8/2016).

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20 years Training Arsenal, Wenger became increasingly hungry for Victory

However, later Liverpool were able to rise up. The Reds to stifle resistance defending champions Leicester City by a score of 4-1 at Anfield (10/9/2016), won 2-1 againstChelsea (16/9/2016), and bend Hull City 5-1 (24/9/2016).

This result puts Liverpool in fourth place while the Premier League standings, 2016-2017 by grabbing 13 points. The Reds lagging five numbers from Manchester City who are at the top.

"Liverpool is a team that seemed capable of winning the Premier League. I felt Manchester United will face a severe test when facing Liverpool at Anfield (17 October). It is hard for THEE to grab maximum points, "said Scholes.

"Liverpool have the quality in midfield and attack. They seem to be scoring againstanyone. I'm sure they have great opportunity to tampi won the Premier League, "he added.

Liverpool will be a trip to Swansea City, Liberty Stadium, in the seventh game of thePremier League 2016-2017, Saturday (1/10/1999). Later, The Reds entertain Manchester United at Anfield (17/10/1999).

Manchester United earned conquer FC Zorya Luhansk, resistance on the second Europa League group A 2016-2017, at the Old Trafford Stadium, Thursday (29/9/2016)or Friday (30/9/2016) early morning GMT. The Red Devils Manager Jose Mourinho considers him like getting gifts of poison to the schedule the next game.

20 years Training Arsenal, Wenger became increasingly hungry for Victory

As released, The Sky Sports Special One considers what would have faced child asuhnya Zorya Luhansk, cons after very heavy. As is known, there is a pause next week an international party. Manchester United defeated Zorya Luhansk through single goal Zlatan Ibrahimovic on 69 minutes.

After a pause, Manchester United will be a solid schedule with the Magpies. Beforeentertaining Fenerbahce on Matchday 3 Europa League group A, the Red Devils had to deal with Liverpool at Anfield Stadium.

After the away to Merseyside, Fenerbahce came (20/10/2016). After eating the Turkey representative, Zlatan Ibrahimovic dkk already awaited Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, three days later.

Manchester United's misery is not over yet, because they will be melakoni Derby Manchester in the United Kingdom, the League Cup at Old Trafford (26/10/1999). Three days later, the fortress Carrington entertain Burnley.

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