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Jamie Vardy Says The Reason Reject Join Arsenal

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, impressed by the appearance shown Juan Mata in the skuatnya on this season.

The presence of Mourinho this summer in THINE Eye be make the future speculation. Spain midfielder because it got removed by Mourinho when he was playing at Chelsea.

Dilego's eyes to Manchester United in January 2014 costing 37.1 million pounds. However, Mourinho denied having sold the eyes. The Special One Eye who has confessed to the initiative to leave.

"First of all, I didn't sell him. My job instead of buying and selling players because I was the coach. I work in the field and provide advice to policy transfer, "said Mourinho.

"Second, Juan who ask to leave and when a request for leave, I always give him a chance to think twice," said the Manager of the origin of Portugal it.

"The third is my project for football with the squad and our target in Chelsea is one thing. While I have in the squad for Manchester United as well as what I try to do atthis Club is a very different situation, "said Mourinho.

Jamie Vardy Says The Reason Reject Join Arsenal

"So, Juan Mata in Chelsea is one of the players in my plan. While Juan Mata in my project at Manchester United is another thing, "stated Mourinho.

This season, Juan Mata has appeared in seven games alongside Manchester Unitedon many different event. The players were successful 28 year scored two goals and one assist for the Red Devils.

Leicester City attacker, Jamie Vardy, professes to reject the offer of joining Arsenal in 2016 summer transfer because it still wants to achieve success with The Foxes.

Stylish appearance Vardy in the 2015-2016 briefly steal the attention. In addition tobeing able to help Leicester become the champions of the Premier League, United Kingdom origin players that also featured sharp scoring 24 goals in 36 appearances in the League.

That sparked the interest of Arsenal to secure the services of Vardy. However, the cannon of London made bite the fingers after the player rejected the move and extend his contract until June 30, 2020 at the King Power.

"It's not because of rejection of loyalty status or about what I was feeling with the players. This is because the players are always coming and going, "wrote in his autobiography titled Jamie Vardy Vardy: My Story, published The Sun.

"This is more to taste to see Leicester as a club that wants to thrive after what we accomplished. I want to be a part of that, "says Vardy.

Jamie Vardy Says The Reason Reject Join Arsenal

Vardy this season has featured in 10 matches Leicester in various event. Players 29 years was a success scored three goals and two assists.

Saturday (1/10/2016) marks the second decade Arsene Wenger led Arsenal. Nobody thinks it will be France-born man mengarsiteki Arsenal during that time moved from Japanese Club Nagoya Grampus,.

"One of the things I found in Japan are sumo from watching. At the end of the fight,you'll never know who just won, who lost, because they do not show their emotionsbecause it could make the player lose embarrassed. It was incredible. That's why I try to teach my team about a sense of respect for the opponent. Only in the United Kingdom alone everyone poked his tongue into the opponents when they win. "

It is a statement of the prime time Wenger was appointed to succeed Bruce Rioch as Manager of Arsenal. 66-year-old man was wanted to Arsenal that he is leading know how to respect your opponent and have the spirit of perseverance.

Wenger's first match through smoothly after defeating Blackburn Rovers 2-0 on October 12, 1996. However, the second party against Borussia Monchengadbach Wenger led to defeat. He then suggested that Arsenal did a major overhaul in the squads.

Jamie Vardy Says The Reason Reject Join Arsenal

Wenger made the statement annoyed Captain Tony Adams. He then approached Wenger and convey annoyance towards Wenger. Feel what the captain outrageous, Wenger then spoke up. "You make the whole team is in danger."

Wenger is increasingly not popular among players of Arsenal with a variety of regulations to respond. One of the rules is not the most favored the penggawa The Gunners is a ban on drinking together after the match.

However, a bad image in the eyes of the players Wenger fade along with the genius of the tactics that he points out. He brought the gun London Premier League champion after accumulating 78 points from 38 matches, winning one point from Manchester United that occupies the second position.

"I'm sure [the team spirit] like a flower. You have to take care of her and watching him every day, or he'll smati. But you can also make the flowers grow bigger, betterand more beautiful if you take care of her. "

"A football team like cantic women. When you praise him, he will not forget thathe's gorgeous, "said Wenger.

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