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Diego Costa performed a resounding, Chelsea beat Hull City

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho is back doing a controversial action. Surprisingly he looks angry in the middle game cons Zorya Luhansk, which takes place at Old Trafford Stadium, Thursday (29/9/2016) or Friday (30/9/2016) early morning GMT.

Follow-up action in the Europa League group A 2016-2017, Manchester United reaping the victory via single goal Zlatan Ibrahimovic on 69 minutes. Those results made the Red Devils is ranked the 3rd provisional standings, under Fenerbahce and Feyenoord Rotterdam.

Jose Mourinho Manchester United with victory adorn the Act unpredictably. In the middle of the game, his face looks angry, then approached assistant coach GiovanniCerra and as unhappy with the Cerra.

Of a sudden, the camera caught the incident that made the scene. Some of the audience that is right behind the bench of Manchester United players, also visible is notexpected. Cerra is the one who got the task of creating graphic details the movement of players, including Paul Pogba.

Well, the error terjadap briefing Pogba, making Mourinho angry. Indeed, throughout the game cannot play Pogba maximum. Light dimmer, because some times like confusion in action, plus a less obvious movement.

Diego Costa performed a resounding, Chelsea beat Hull City

That situation also make Mourinho looks furious. Errors related to the movement ofinfographics or how to play Pogba, making Manchester United trouble penetrating the defense of Zorya.

"I think what we see on the ground is a draft, as well as the character of the organization. They changed the team before the game. Paul a little doubt with the changes,and I want to asistenku note that in details, "said Mourinho.

Sporting director Falkenberg, Hakan Nilsson, calling Manchester United (MU) has contacted the Department in order to secure the services of original wonderkid Sweden, Jesper Karlsson.

The appearance of the Karlsson managed to give a surprise in the League of Sweden. 18 year-old players was a success scored four goals and two assists.

Not only in the country, the name Karlsson pun turns heard by some of the elite clubs of Europe. One of them is called THY interest in players who digadang-gadang as The Next Zlatan Ibrahimovic it.

"Manchester United have already expressed an interest. Them and also some other big clubs. I'm not speculating on any matter at this stage, "said Nilsson, Sweden Alfronbladet to the media.

"First, they have to cast a formal offer that up to now has not been received. Of course, we will accept all bids. I cannot do anything else could only bring the best, "saidNilsson.

The presence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic to make Manchester United has a great chance of bringing Karlsson. However, this time the players are still tied to a contract until 31 December 2018 along Falkenbergs.

Diego Costa performed a resounding, Chelsea beat Hull City

Attacker Diego Costa performing a hit along with Chelsea against Hull City at KCOMStadium in advanced game Premier League 2016-2017, Saturday (1/10/1999).Spain-born players that scored one goal and assist to bring Chelsea win 2-0.

Willian brought Chelsea excelled on 61 minutes after Diego lures utilizing Costa. Spain-born players that Chelsea's advantage seven minutes later.

This victory takes Chelsea to a sixth ranking standings while Premier league 2016-2017 with 13 points. Hull City down to 15th position with seven figure savings.

Hull City appear with the 4-3-2-1 in the match. Manager Mike Phelan putting up aDiemerci the singular as a striker Mbokani. Meanwhile, Chelsea went down with the4-2-3-1. Manager Antonio Conte relying on Diego Costa as bomber solo.

Armed with the full support of the public, Hull City appear confident since the beginning of the match. New two minute walking action, Hull instantly get pekuang. Freeright foot shot Robert Snodgrass's corner to the right of the goal keeper denied capable Thibaut Courtois.

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Diego Costa performed a resounding, Chelsea beat Hull City

Hull City goal Chelsea threatened again in the 20th minute. Snodgrass rasping right foot from outside the penalty box. However, the direction of sliced still sideways on the right side of the net The Blues.

Hull City's chances of getting gold on a late round of perama. Ryan Mason meelpaskan right foot shot from inside the penalty box after receiving feedback Livermore.However, the ball was able to was denied by Courtois. Score 0-0 after the first half remained.

Chelsea changed the way the game goes in the second half. The Blues have now tried to attack from the side of the wing, no longer relying on the side of the middle of the field as in the first half.

As a result, Willian was able to break the deadlock Chelsea on 61 minutes. Accepting the bait breakthrough Costa, Willian merangsek entered the penalty box from the left side of the Hull City defender and arched right foot shot into the right corner of the net. Chelsea winning 1-0.

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