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Diego Costa Was Back Practicing Along The Chelsea Squad

Striker, Alexis Sanchez, admitted that he had embezzled tax of almost 1 million euros ($ 14.24 billion) while still in uniform Barcelona (2011-2014).

The Government of central Spain repeatedly checking the payment of taxes conducted foreign football players active in the country. After Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano, now turn Sanchez who became unexpected tax evasion.

Via video connection on Monday (16/1/2017), Sanchez admits did not meet their obligations to pay taxes from the income which he got when still a Barcelona player.

According to the News reported by from Football Espana, Sanchez has been paying out arrears amounting to 983,443 euros ($ 14 billion) to the Government of Spain. However it was not thus making it independent of the assertion. Currently, Sanchez was threatened fines and minimum jail sentence over tax evasion action.

Diego Costa Was Back Practicing Along The Chelsea Squad

Earlier, Manchester United are already sentenced to pay fines and jail for 21 months, while Mascherano got penalty fines and jail for one year. But the Barcelona player's second sentence is still pending.

This case can give a negative effect for Sanchez who was trying to make Arsenal win the Premier League the 2016-17 season.

Chelsea players, Diego Costa, back practicing with the main squad on Tuesday(17/1/2017) after disputes with the Club's Manager, Antonio Conte, on the last weekend (2/1/2017).

Costa's presence in Chelsea training session indicates if the player has made peace with Conte. At the end of last week, on the argument that involves both had time togenerate the news when Costa will be invited to China.

Problems between Conte and Costa appears after the player requesting time to rest and do not follow the practice session because of the feeling got injured. But Contemeresponsnya with emotional so that out sentence of expulsion to Costa.

Conte any write off Costa's name from the Chelsea squad that will compete face Leicester City on the weekend of the 21st Premier League. The decision strengthens the indication if Costa will receive from clubs on China, Tianjin Quanjian.

However, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, act quickly told Conte and Costa berbaikkan and return the focus to deliver the Club's Premier League title.

Costa was one of the important players of Chelsea in 2016-17 season competition.Currently, Brazil has been blooded players contributed 14 goals in 19 appearances for Chelsea in the Premier League this season.

Diego Costa Was Back Practicing Along The Chelsea Squad

On the 22nd week of the Premier League, Chelsea will entertain Hull City at Stamford Bridge (22/1/2017). Up to now, Chelsea still lead the standings while the Premier League with a collection of 52 points, winning seven points over Tottenham Hotspurand Liverpool who became his closest rivals.

The former striker, Emmanuel Adebayor, blaming media United Kingdom over various negative image attached in himself for a career in that country. According to theplayers, the imagery affect the continuity of his career in the Premier League.

"I had a bad reputation in the United Kingdom and I do not know the exact cause. The image may indeed already attached with my self. But if you ask the players to ever be in a club with me, they will surely tell you that I was personally.

"The staff that work at the stadium also will give the same answer, if I was a good person and friendly. However the media easily twist the facts, I feel less fortunate with the bad image that is already attached with myself, "said Adebayor.

Adebayor initiate gait in Premier League by joining with Arsenal in 2006. But in July 2009, he decided to meneriwa big salary offer from Manchester City. As a result, theArsenal supporters annoyed by the player's decision.

Adebayor who downloaded before cancellation became the enemy Arsenal supporters made itself increasingly hated city rivals after joining The Gunners, Tottenham Hotspur, in 2011. The player travels along The beautiful does not end after the Lilywhites he wasted from the main squad and will have to terminate the contract prematurely on September 2015.

Diego Costa Was Back Practicing Along The Chelsea Squad

Having spent nearly four months without a club, Adebayor joined Crystal Palace in January 2016. However, he failed to show a positive performance so that the club management decided to not do a contract extension when the season of the 2015-16over.

Despite experiencing a less seamless career in the Premier League, Adebayor still holds a passion to get back in the competition.

"I love the United Kingdom and the Premier League. Currently I am still trying to find a way to go back there. I make sure if I still want to play at the highest level, "saidAdebayor.

This time, the 32-year-old striker was in Gabon to defend his country, TogoAfricanCup in 2017. Emmanuel Adebayor showed positive performance despite not playing a competitive match since May 1999, when carrying the Togo hold Ivory Coast drawin their first game in the tournament.

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