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Arsenal Too dependent on Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, claimed to have no intention to bring Dimitri Sequin from West Ham United. According to Wenger, The Gunners have had a few players who have the ability comparable to the France midfielder.

Sequin spotlight in the United Kingdom into the Middle after refusing to practice and asked the Club to immediately take it off on the exchange of January transfer. Butthe West Ham management acted firmly and told the players to honor the contracthe had shared the Club.

Arsenal is mentioned as one among the clubs that are trying to exploit the conditions of West Ham's Sequin. But the rumors disproved Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger. According to The Professor, Arsenal has absolutely no plans to transport the Sequin from West Ham.

"I do not need the services of Sequin because we had many players of the Creator here. I appreciate Sequin as a player. It's not our realm, where we the middle in search of players at other positions.

"We've had some players with the type of attack that can play in that position. If you are interested in the quality of a player it is necessary also to consider the question of the team's needs. In this case, I'm not in need of an extra player, "said Wenger.

Arsenal Too dependent on Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez

This time Arsenal have Alex Iwobi and Alexis Sanchez who had the same position with the Sequin. Both players are the players who often derived competitive matcheson the season Wenger 2016-2017. Therefore, the option bring Dimitri Sequin to Emirates Stadium votes is not a step solutif for Arsenal.

Former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor, assess The Gunners rely heavily to Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez. It is seen when both players were absent, Arsenal could not have players the ideal upholstery.

"Arsenal have a great squad. The problem will arise when Sanchez suffered an injury. I don't have a picture of her replacement, "said Adebayor.

The player who got The uniformed Gunners period 2006 to 2009 it then compares the situations happening in Chelsea. According to him, The Blues have a more complete squad than Arsenal.

"If you look at the situation at Chelsea is very different. When Eden Hazard must beunable to perform, then there are Wilian as upholstery. Similarly, when Wilian must be absent, they can still rely on Victor Moses being pulled forward, "said Adebayor.

Ozil and Sanchez was part of the main squad at Arsenal this season. Most of the goals created Arsenal to the opponent was born thanks to the role of the second player.

Collaboration Ozil and Sanchez was able to produce 25 goals until mid-January, 2017. Both also contribute to delivering The big Gunners compete for the Championship title in this season.

London Gun squads currently ranked four standings while Premier League with 44 points, qualifying for the Champions League-, as well as penetrating the big 32 FA Cup.

Arsenal Too dependent on Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez

The presence of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez became a blessing at the same timea sign of danger. For if one of those players absent, dikahawatirkan can affect the performance of Arsenal.

"Constraint owned Arsenal is the reliance of Ozil and Sanchez. If one of them suffered injuries it is a disaster, "he said.

Atletico Madrid President Enrique Cerezo, Manchester United, make the bite the fingers after the call if Antoine Griezmann will continue to survive long periods in theVicente Calderon.

In recent weeks, Antoine Griezmann believed would soon rivals Manchester United. Original United Kingdom clubs that reportedly will menggelontorkan funds amounting to 100 million euros ($ 1.4 trillion) for the France player won.

Manchester United called has encountered a verbal agreement with the player in question. Media-media United Kingdom claimed if Jose Mourinho's Club that has prepared a number of uniform for the players.

"I didn't know about the interest in Manchester United to Antoine Griezmann. I can only say if he will continue to be at Atletico Madrid for a long time, "said Cerezo.

Antoine Griezmann purchased from Atletico Madrid Real Sociedad with a price of 30 million euros ($ 427.8 billion) at the beginning of the season 2014-2015. Players 25 years old it is bound to a contract along with Atletico Madrid until June 2021.

Since becoming player of Atletico Madrid, Antoine Griezmann dedicated one SpainSuper Cup in 2015. This season, he has managed 12 goals and six assists from 25 matches in all competitions followed by Atletico Madrid.

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