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Yaya Toure Defends Fantastic Salary from the Club China

The Chelsea goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, reportedly still awaits offer from Club giants Real Madrid, Spain, who had approached him in early 2016-17 season.

Family factors being the main reason Courtois wanted to return to the city of Madrid. Currently, the player's wife and son settled in the city. According to the news circulated in Spain, Courtois is searching for a school for his son that would begin to attend school next year.

Courtois ever in Spain along with Atletico Madrid in the period 2011 to 2014. At that time, he's status as a player on loan from Chelsea. Along with Atletico Madrid, thegoalie's career proceeded rapidly so he trusted to replace goalkeeper Petr Cech asChelsea.

According to the News reported by from Football Espana, Courtois has been talkingwith colleagues at Chelsea that he will leave Stamford Bridge if it got an offer from Real Madrid.

Opportunities for Real Madrid recruits Courtois is big enough, considering the maingoalkeeper of Real Madrid's appearance today, Keylor Navas, already much declinecompared to the season was.

Yaya Toure Defends Fantastic Salary from the Club China

At the beginning of the season 2016-17, Courtois had associated will leave to the Santiago Bernabeu, but the coach of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane is still the goal entrusted the Suchitoto to Navas.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, call Nathaniel Clyne injury recovery process goes well. Klopp pun sure Clyne will recover in a few days ahead.

"Nathaniel is already far better than before. Bruising the muscles between the ribs that experienced very troubling her, but after undergoing the examination there is nothing to worry about, "said Klopp.

"We must always help her to recover and return to compete in the field. That certainly we'll give him time in two to three days ahead in order to recover, "he said.

The 25-year player suffered the injury when Liverpool lost to Southampton 0-1 fromthe first leg of the semi-final matches in the League Cup, United Kingdom, January 112017. After the game, Liverpool's medical team diagnosed Clyne suffered a bruise on his rib cage.

The injury forced Clyne absent when The Reds meets Manchester United at Old Trafford in the Premier League, January 15, 2017. Without Nathaniel Clyne, The Red squads appear insufficient and have to settle for 1-draw con MU.

Yaya Toure Defends Fantastic Salary from the Club China

It took just over a week for Clyne to recover. Klopp indicate players berpostur 175 cm it will compete again on this weekend face Swansea City in the Premier League, 21 January.

"He is a great player (dream) that everyone imagined. He appeared in the Liverpoolsquad regular since I am here and even before I arrived. He has a great opportunity to lowered when meets Swansea, "added Klopp.

Nathaniel Clyne is one of the players most often derived by Jurgen Klopp on the 2016-2017 season. Recorded, the London-born Defender has repackaged the 24 appearances and recorded three assists with Liverpool in a variety of competitions.

Manchester City midfielder, Yaya Toure, had a chance to get a fantastic salary offer from the Club China, Jiangsu Suning. However, Toure refused and survived together.

This occurs on the Exchange, transfer of the 2016 winter. Management of Jiangsu Suning tertartik to get the services of Toure. Even for the sake of Toure Yaya could secure services, Jiangsu is ready to hire the players up to 520 million pounds ($ 8.5 billion) per week.

These values can make the national team midfielder Côte d'Ivoire it became the player with the highest paid in the world. Currently, the football player with the highest salaries in the world held by Carlos Tevez who receive 500 thousand pounds sterling ($ 7.5 billion) per week from Shanghai Shenhua.

Yaya Toure Defends Fantastic Salary from the Club China

In fact, it does not make exorbitant salaries Yaya Toure stripped. The former Barcelona player choose remained loyal together with Manchester City.

"Yaya wants to play at the highest level. He's happy at Manchester City. Yaya more loving football than money, "said Yaya Toure, agent Dimitri Ins.

Yaya Toure had lost his place in the squad for Manchester City due to the manner of the ins that Zinger, spicy to Pep Guardiola. However, after apologizing, Toure became one of the mainstay in midfield at Manchester City this season.

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