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WPK Wattunnami make sure the Governor's Cup Title NTB 2015

Expired already match the Governor's Cup final NTB 2015 afternoon (17/9) last won by the WPK Wattunnami (Pinky Boys) after silencing the defending champion from Semarang, BJL 2000 with score, takes 17 December, Mataram.

The absence of the captain of the WPK Rachmad Arsyad caused accumulation of cards in the semifinals yesterday, does not affect the power of the original team of Makassar that.

At the beginning of the direct, intense play, BJL direct threat made by the original players Slide, Moses Kernel, howeverchances of getting a kick from goalkeeper mignolet mautnya Pinky Boys.

BJL-looking defense discipline so that the WPK, the players are still difficult to menerobosnya. The lapse of a few minutes, things turned around, Watunnami was successfully controlled the match while opening the score in advance by Ryan Ariansyah via Andy after receiving a slick feed from Sepatu Futsal Reza Yamani.

WPK Wattunnami make sure the Governor's Cup Title NTB 2015

After a few times doing to threats Echona BJL, now the chances of fruitful results from the action of the individual numbers adding to the WPK and take it to 2-0 over BJL.

Until the first half ended, the score changed into 4 – 0 for Excellence team Makassar, after the two goals scored by Indra Flare and Ryan Ariansyah.

The BJL is defending champion Pilgub WNT 2014 back trying to chase failed to score. Unfortunately, some times there are still not able to give figures.

Such efforts are not disiakan by Walvin Stenitz when getting through the rigors of the white dots so that the position changed to 1 – 4 are still the hallmarks of Watunnami.

Continue playing, the players insist BJL pressing defense Echona dkk. The struggles of the players seems pointless BJL 2000 Semarang  and in the end must kecolongan two goals of the WPK in print by inspiration of Ramadan and Reza Yamani.

Final score being 1-6 and already ascertained, WPK Pinky Wattunnami Boys Makassar won the Governor's Cup for the second time after WNT his first title direngkuh by 2013.

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WPK Wattunnami make sure the Governor's Cup Title NTB 2015

The Governor's Cup finalists both WNT 2015 has been contested by the WPK Wattunnami (Pinky Boys) against BJL 2000 Semarang will helat on today (17/9), GOR December 17, Mataram, from 16:00.

BJL 2000 which is the defending champion of the past, will be in 2014 the ambitioustitle of merengguh both in Pilgub WNT this year. Without a coach and star player ranks, BJL pitch smoothly in group a.

At the opening party, the previous team will be at the tukangi Deny Handoyo was massacring IPDN NTB with a score of 11-1. Then, the matter should be subject to Vamos of the defending champion with a score of 1 – 4.

In the big 8, potential players of the 2000 Academy of BJL upbringing and thunderous Jateng was subjecting BPN FC 5-2. Until the finals, the team that has been getting rid of Semarang Pre PON the WNT in arsiteki by Bonsu Hasibuan.

Meanwhile, WPK Wattunnami was the champion in the inaugural edition in 2013. See Wattunnami of the trip Catching up to Boys in the Summit party, could be said torequire a huge struggle. Team that had previously grabbed the Makassarese 2 WINS and 1 defeat from Mataram F.C. by a score of 3-5 in the final preliminary round group b.

On the eighth finals, Reza Yamani dkk meets host, Vamos Carlsberg Mataram that ultimately Syahidansyah Lubis cs should surrender of Pinky Boys 4-3.

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