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5 keys to Success BJL 2000 Cosmo Semarang

BJL 2000 Cosmo Semarang success ensure themselves qualified for the Final Four Professional Futsal League (PFL) 2016 after picking 2-0 victory over FC Mataram, Sunday (8/5), Gor C-Tra Arena.
It became one big step to newly promotion team five months ago after ranked leagues Nusantara 2015-16.

BJL not only qualify but also succeeded in topping the standings West region who filled several other seeded teams like Biangbola, Electric PLN and FC Libido. Successbrings BJL certainly does not happen instantaneously. The following five key factorswhich aspects influenced the success of BJL.

5 keys to Success BJL 2000 Cosmo Semarang

1. Filled experienced players
Presence of some experienced players like Agus Salam, Deny Handoyo and Ardy Dwi successfully raised the level of the game team. Agus was able to give poise when he was under. Meanwhile Deny aside as captain was also able to exercise his duties as the divisor of the ball well. Ardy also some times works out to be the decisive victory of BJL late goals krusialnya.

2. Consistency of the game

The consistency of the game successfully during the regular show BJL PFL 2016. BJLhas two sequence of results without defeat that is long enough for a regular round, namely on matchday 2 matchday-7 and 9-12.

In two of the positive results of the sequence of BJL managed to get eight wins andtwo draw. In addition in terms of results, BJL also consistent in terms of scoring. A total of 14 matches scoring 57 BJL slotted success or an average of four goals per game.

3. being able to get out of the pressure

One of the advantages of other owned BJL IE was able to get out of the pressure. It can be seen from some matches where BJL success get full points although previously had left behind. Of the nine victories obtained BJL, four of which were obtained after their opponents had excelled in advance.

Two series of results obtained when meeting Biangbola also obtained after Villareal.In addition BJL was also able to get out of the pressure when facing teams that havelarge enough base of supporters such as Bandung city, FC Futsal Libido, Biangbolaand Mataram.

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5 keys to Success BJL 2000 Cosmo Semarang

4. qualified Coach
Wahyudin ' Kocoy ' which is believed to handle BJL early in the season managed toprove his capacity as the top coach in Indonesia. BJL beneath success playing with loose and appear attractive. The coach who last season to handle Electric PLN also already recognize the character of the majority of the players because it was often being on one team. It would of course make communication between coaches and players running smoothly.

5. supportive Management

At the beginning of the season BJL 2000 merger with Cosmo FC for the sake of being able to compete in PFL 2016. This management team BJL went smoothly becauseCosmo FC have had experience in managing a team.

In addition in terms of financially BJL also do not experience a problem during the season rolling so that the players can play with focus. Policy management to recruit Stenitz Walfin half season also deserves to be appreciated because Stenitz managed to become one of BJL pemainkunci in the second round.

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