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Bacca Says A Target Of AC Milan This Season

Milan's striker, Carlos Bacca, twice already this season do a rabona movement in an effort to break down the opponent. The first action fishing fury coach, but ultimately successful efforts on Bacca.

Bacca is not just known as a striker who thirsty for goals. As the South American bomber, rather Colombia, Bacca aesthetic elements very seriously kala try a vibratingmesh opponent.

The instincts pushes Bacca to do a rabona movement when Milan against Palermo at the weekend of the 4th Serie A 2015-2016. However, the action of rabona Bacca time it enrages the coach Sinisa Mihajlovic,.

Anger seems to no downgrades Mihajlovic Bacca guts to try repeating the rabona.When Milan membekuk Carpi 2-1 in the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italy 2015-2016, Bacca contributed a touchdown beginning with the movement of rabona.

Received his from Keisuke Honda, Bacca without doubt menggocek goalkeeper of the opponent and then cross your legs in order to mencocor the ball headed into the goal. The goal proved important values have.

Bacca Says A Target Of AC Milan This Season

In addition to allowing Milan grabbed a semifinal ticket Coppa Italy 2015-2016, a beautiful action Bacca could become an inspiration to his colleagues and teammates.One of the reasons why Milan appeared wind-anginan on this season is that they lose the joy of old plays ball.

Riccardo Montolivo seems very cs am committed by whistles and jeers from other continents so that they often do not have the balls create do risky actions. As a result, Milan are very often experience a deadlock.

"When action rabona led to touchdowns, it's fine. The movement already blood flowing in rabona Bacca, "Mihajlovic said after the duel against the Carpi.

AC Milan striker, Carlos Bacca, reveals that one of his main target this season is holds a Coppa Italy.

It was Bacca said after the Rossoneri beat Carpi with position 2-1, in the quarter-final match of the Coppa Italy's Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, Wednesday (16/1/2016) local time. Any successful AC Milan stepped into the semi-finals of the Coppa Italy.

AC Milan's two goals in the game were created by Carlos Bacca (14 ') and Mbaye Niang (28 '). As for Carpi minimize the score through Matteo Mancosu (50 ').

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"Milan playing great football against Carpi, especially in the first half. We're glad to reach the semi-final, "Bacca said after the game, as reported by Italy from Football.

Bacca Says A Target Of AC Milan This Season

"One of our goals was to win the Coppa Italy, and we will try to bring home the trophy that. This is an important victory for the team, "said the 29-year-old Colombia players that.

In this season, AC Milan went into less convincing in the Serie a. crime squads, Sinisa Mihajlovic it to ninth place with 29 points.

See AC Milan's chances of thin crusts to reach quarter-finals, the fair only if they prioritize trophy Coppa Italy.

AC Milan last time find their Coppa Italy title in season 2002-2003. At that time, the final Coppa Italy is still a two-leg format.

The rossoneri then still reinforced by Andriy Shevchenko and Filippo Inzaghi, came out as the winner after an aggregate 6-3 win over AS Roma in the final round.

AC Milan successfully stepped into the semi-finals of the Coppa Italy subverting Carpi with position 2-1 at the San Siro Stadium, Wednesday (16/1/2016) local time or Thursday early morning GMT.

AC Milan's two goals in the game was created by Carlos Bacca (14 ') and Mbaye Niang (28 '). As for Carpi minimize the score through Matteo Mancosu (50 ').

Based on a note of relief Serie A, AC Milan was able to master the game of up to 68percent compared to 32 percent.

The rossoneri were also superior to the number of shots. The rossoneri are capable of releasing eight kicks to the goal of 11 attempts, while the Carpi only five of the 7experiments.

Bacca Says A Target Of AC Milan This Season

AC Milan managed a superior at the 14th minute through Bacca. Colombia players that passed goalkeeper Zeljko Brkic, Carpi, before placed the ball into the goal.

Enter the 28th minute, Sinisa Mihajlovic crime squads advantage passes touchdowns Mbaye Niang, who utilize the crossing from Bacca.

Carpi may decrease the position on the 50th minute through Mancosu, after receiving a cross from the right side of his companion.

The quarter-finals of the Coppa Italy still has three matches, i.e. Spezia Vs Alessandria (18/1/2016), Napoli Vs Inter Milan (19/1/2016), and Lazio Vs. Juventus(20/1/2016).

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